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Master Wu is known all over China for his gift to open his third-eye Chakra, connect to love itself, and sketch his vision. He uses this power to draw your future husband and soulmate.

After meeting Master Wu in the city of Xian in 2017, I have been helping bring his gift to the world. I felt compelled to do this after Master Wu drew my soulmate, who I later found, married and started a family with. My gratitude for finding out how to live the life I always wanted, is boundless.

Let me bring this gift to you, now, so that you can find and connect with your soulmate and find the happiness I was able to find.

Timeframe: 24 to 48 hours.

Format: Digital scanned drawing sent via email. Easily shareable via social media and messenger apps.

Requirements: We will ask you 5 questions to help guide Master Wu to an image of your soulmate.

Warning: Master Wu can only complete 5 drawings per day in his advanced age. One day we will no longer have Master Wu and access to his gift. It is imperative that you start your journey to finding your eternal soulmate today, without hesitation. You deserve to be happy.

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I found him within weeks because we were always destined to be together.

“Love is real. I finally know that thanks to Master Wu and his soulmate drawing.” – Rhonda L.

I'm so happy I could cry

“I was always on the fence about psychic abilities but after being alone and feeling a bit lost in the area of love I decided to give it a go and here I am, 2 years later, married to my soulmate. He is the cool, calm, loving man that Master Wu said he would be ” – Rachel P.

It hurts to think we spent so many years without each other.

“I was honored to be asked to write this review for Master Wu who I visited in Xian in 2018 during a Yoga retreat. My life was set in the right direction because of that meeting and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you from me, my husband, and our beautiful 2 children. ” – Cheryl R.

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